COVID-19 Special Offer

Thums Up Canadian dollar pricing for Canadian website designers and their clients

During these difficult COVID-19 times, we are pleased to offer Canadian website designers a special deal for themselves and their clients. Beginning June 3, 2020 we are offering Canadian website designers the opportunity to use our PRO-1 Agent accounts for Canadian dollars.

For Canadian website designers we will offer you a free account for adding Toucan to the websites of your clients. For every 4 of your client accounts you add, we will provide you with another PRO-1 Agent free account.

Enjoy the Toucan Chat Free Trial for the next 30 days.




No credit card required for Free Trial

Engage With Your Website Visitors in Real Time

Why lose another customer during this COVID-19 pandemic? Instead of wondering if someone is on your business website, you can engage with your visitors the moment they arrive. Toucan Chat is a simple-to-use live chat and message-taking system that helps you turn your website visitors into customers. Check out our Special Offer below.