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Try the Toucan Chat 30 day FREE TRIAL without a credit card. We are totally up front with our live chat pricing, no hidden fees or surprises. Monthly and annual packages are listed on the Pricing page, with annual packages getting a 20% discount as shown.

Easy to Install

Upon activation of your live chat 30 day FREE TRIAL, you are given a short line of code to paste into your website pages. Once the code is inserted, you are ready to chat live with visitors. If you are too busy to chat, turn on the Message Center and let it take messages for you.

Simple to Use

Whether you are a one person business, or a company with many people, Toucan Chat is designed to handle your live chat needs. Our live chat control panel is very intuitive, and clients tell us Toucan is way easier to use than other live chat systems.

Why lose another customer? Toucan Chat is a simple-to-use live chat that helps you engage web visitors the moment they arrive on your website.


1  How do I add live chat to my site?

Sign up for your 30 day FREE TRIAL today and get immediate access to a short line of HTML code located in your Toucan Chat admin panel. Simply copy and paste the code into your web pages and your Toucan Chat live chat starts working. And you don't have to read a lot of instructions, we will give you a personal, phone or Skype tutorial to get you going.

2  Can I customize my chat panel?

Toucan Chat provides a selection of free chat banners for you to get you up and running quickly. You can also re-enforce your corporate brand by creating your own graphics and uploading via your personal Toucan Chat admin panel. Background colors, as well as text colors, fonts and sizes are also customizable. If you need any branding help, just ask.

3  Can I quit after my FREE TRIAL?

The FREE TRIAL stops automatically at 30 days and asks if you wish to continue. It is completely your choice. And, no credit card information is required during the 30 day live chat FREE TRIAL period. You will make your own decision as to whether to continue to the paid version. Also, you don't have to click and click to find our prices - they are right there on the Pricing page for everyone to see. If you decide to register after the the 30 day FREE TRIAL, we use only secure, ecommerce payment encryption systems. We accept most major credit cards including Master Card and VISA.

4  Do you provide support?

Toucan Chat goes to great lengths to provide our clients with the support they deserve. To begin with, we use the phone or a Skype call to help you get set up. If you don''t want the initial support, we are fine with that. But if you are up for it, we can show you how to use everything and answer all your questions - and it's free. If we are busy with another client, just leave a message on our live chat panel, and we will reply at the earliest possible moment. We aim to be the best live chat experience anywhere, and so we mean it when we say - we value your feedback and suggestions.

Toucan Chat

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Are you already promoting your business with SEO and driving traffic to your website? If so, potential clients are probably visiting your site right now - but guess what? You have no way of knowing they are there!

Stop missing those potential customers before they click off to your competition's website. Start turning those web visitors into customers today. Sign up for the 30 day live chat FREE TRIAL. Set Toucan Chat to alert you with a sound when a visitor arrives - or tries to connect with you, and you can be chatting with those visitors within minutes.

The fact is, most web visitors go to your site for a reason - they are motivated and seeking. Having the Toucan Chat visitor conversion live chat on your site is slam-dunk easy and could be one of the breakthroughs you have been looking for to get more clients for your product or service. Having a FREE TRIAL for 30 days is certainly one way to find out.


Simple to Use Visitor Conversion

Few business owners have to be sold on the merits of interacting with potential customers. And adding Toucan Chat live chat to your business website is one good way to do just that.

In fact, live chat is now so common on business websites that if a potential customer doesn't see Toucan Chat on a site - they are likely to move along to a competitor's site that does have it.

Don't miss any more sales opportunites because visitors came to your site looking for what you have to offer and then didn't see a Toucan Chat. We help you get set up - for free. 10 minutes you are up and running. Try the Toucan Chat live chat 30 day FREE TRIAL, today.